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We believe we are always stronger together

This is the virtual launchpad for Herbster residents who want to stay connected during bad times – the current coronavirus crisis – and good times. While there are many advantages to living in a small, rural community, it can lead to feeling isolated when tough times hit. We wanted to created tools to enable those in need of assistance from the community to be able to easily connect with those looking to lend a helping hand. 

If you want to stay in the loop, reach out to request help with getting groceries, medications, join a virtual gathering, or to offer assistance, the following tools are available to all Herbster residents:

Email List

Important updates that impact us will be sent out via the Herbster Strong email list. As will any requests or offers of assistance. Sign up via the above form.

Direct Email

We’ve created an email account which residents can use to send us updates to be included in our email blasts, requests for assistance, as well as offers to lend a hand.

Social Media

We have Facebook & Instagram accounts set up as another method of communication. Links to each account are in the footer of this page.

Telephone Tree

If your preferred mode of communication is via telephone, we’ll provide updates via a phone tree and you can call into the main Herbster Strong “hotline” (number is below) to request or make an offer of assistance.

We Are Herbster Strong